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With three generations currently in management, Cedar Falls Construction is proud to be a family owned company. We work to build strong relationships with our employees. Our office doors are always open and visits from our employee’s spouses and children are very common. Issues are shared freely and communication is valued.
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Our History


Cedar Falls Construction Co., Inc. President Bernard Larsen began his work in road construction in 1940 as a mixer operator.

EARLY 1960's

Bernard’s father invented the Curb Master. This machine ran on steel forms and finished the gutter while building the curb. Later, with the help of his brother, Richard, Bernard helped design various machines which were the early stages of slip form curb and gutter and paving.


As competition grew in the paving industry, Bernard decided it was time to get out of paving and focus on patching and bridge work. Through his work with various paving contractors throughout Iowa, Cedar Falls Construction grew into a successful business. He purchased their currently property at 3533 West Airline Hwy in 1965.


Today, Cedar Falls Construction Co., Inc. has five crews that travel the state of Iowa to help maintain and repair its infrastructure system.
cedar falls construction iowa

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Competitive wages, a safety incentive program and a strong benefits package make Cedar Falls Construction a great place to work and build a future in road construction.
60 years of industry experience. Family owned and operated. Extremely competitive pay and benefits.
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